About me


Our Collies and us

It all started with my childhood dream to own a Lassie. I read dog books, collected pictures and made drawings of my dream collie. But I had to be patient for a long time. 1979 my parents allowed me to buy the sable and white bitch "Beggy vom Zoitzberg" from my self saved money. Beggy was a faithful companion during my youth. After studying our small family moved into the country to have better conditions for our first dog we both owned, the Giant Schnauzer bitch "Jeny von Waldesruh".

My husband Andreas and I and our meanwhile grown up daughters Jenny and Anne-Kathrin live in a small village in Mecklenburg close to the town of Ludwigslust near the motorway A24 Hamburg-Berlin. Our house is adjoined by the dog yard, garden, orchard and horse pasture and above all "towers" the "Postberg" - literally translated "Mail Mountain" 55 m above sea level.

1988 we chose the sable and white "Flair vom Hammerbachtal" from a litter by "Jerry vom Wallbach" out of "Anja vom Königshof". This bitch had a very confident character and we trained her at the local dog training club. Because she was oversize with 57 cm at the shoulder she was not allowed for breeding.

November 1989 we bought from Petra Tietze the blue merle "Shaddy vom Reiterwappen" who became dam of our first, the "A"-litter vom Postberg by "Quo Vadis Hadrian".

Since 1990 for more then 15 years the very typey Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch "Oakley Bar's Cleopatra" was our dear companion. She had a litter in 1992.

Thanks to the magazine "Collie Revue" we learnt about Steadlyn Collies in Italy.

In summer of 1992 Mia Ejerstadt entrusted us the 7 month old tricolour bitch "Steadlyn Signature Melody", pet name "Simona". With her we bred our second - the "B"-litter in 1994 and in 1997 our "C"-litter.

Winter 1994 the tricolour dog "Steadlyn Wild Alliance" moved here from Italy (sire Ch. Sunnyhurst Siegfried of Karava, dam: Int. Ch. Steadlyn Fairy Snow), pet name "Lord". Lord was for many years the devoted companion of our daughter Jenny. Andreas took care of his sports career and passed two companion dog tests (1995 and 1999) and the endurance test with Lord.

In 1994 Christine Erdmann and I travelled by train with "Simona" to Florence to visit Mia Ejerstad. I had visited the Steadlyn-kennels in Tuscany in 1993 which has been a fascinating experience. It was planned to mate "Simona" to a sable dog, but it was not to be. Mia showed us her stud dogs and I was fascinated by the blue merle "Steadlyn The Revolution", one of the last sons of World Champion Steadlyn Show Stopper. A few months later he became World- and Europe-Champion. We looked forward to "Simona's" puppies very much, but again it was not to be. The blue merle "Berta vom Postberg" was the only survivor of the litter. Her zest for life gave us hope and helped to overcome our sadness. She developed beautifully. Berta was born just in time for the birthday of our daughter Anne-Kathrin, and both became close friends. Berta was a "showgirl" and knew how to present herself.

1997 we mated "Simona" to the Finnish dog "Iracle's So Supreme Sure" in Denmark. From this "C"-litter the sable dog "Chiero vom Postberg" stayed with my mother.

During the 1990ies Andreas and I trained our Giant Schnauzers "Jany" and "Urs" and our Malinois bitch "Bonny" and successfully passed Schutzhund tests.

Berta vom Postberg in 2001 became mother of our "D"-litter by Ch. Black Nobility vom Asgard. The blue merle bitch "Debora vom Postberg" was to continue our bitch line and so we kept her.

In 2005 we imported the dog "Manakel Clyde at Lakefield" (grandsire Ch. Lakefield Love is in the Air) from Brasil. He was Europe Winner in Dortmund in 2008 and became German Champion (VDH) in 2009.

In the summer of 2007 Anne-Kathrin and I fetched our "Triad Ye Misty Sunrise" (grandsire Ch. Lakefield Love is in the Air), called "Sunny" from Zagreb, Croatia. She was to be dam of our "E"-litter by Umber von der Prignitzer Flur. "Erik" and "Elsa vom Postberg" are growing up now with us. They are the new promising generation of Collies vom Postberg.

Andreas trained his German Shepherd bitch "Cora vom Kuhlenfelder Wald" up to Schutzhund III level. As a team they became Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (our local region) Champions in 2008 and 2009 in Turnierhundesport which is a kind of mixture of Agility and Obedience etc.

We also have two cats about the house "Robbin" and "Janosch", the Holy Birma "Lina" and two Iceland Ponies, plus the Yorkshire Terrier "Enno" belonging to Anne-Kathrin, and our little promising Papillon "Laminero's Friederike" - not to forget the cockatiel "Freddi".